Long Hair Styles #1

So you want to switch up your haircut, but you don’t want to go short. We get it. Hairstyles for long hair have been in since before the invention of scissors — though the decades have shown us myriad ways to rock long hair, from big ’40s curls to ’90s graduated layers.

Simple Pin Up Hairstyle for School

You can experiment all kinds of all new hair looks during your school time. A hairstyle makeover can be a subtle change of bangs, layers or even the easy ponytails. You can just make a simple ponytail on a busy morning before you go to school. To get an edgy-chic and contemporary look, you can […]

Fun Hair for Back to School

With just 1 daughter I often wonder how my mom managed to keep her 4 daughters hair fixed! I’ve learned that the number 1 goal when fixing girls hair is to keep it out of her face and the 2nd is to look cute!

Easy Back To School Hairstyles #4

A gorgeous dirty blonde hair color and design to inspire you for the weekend! Get all the best haircare from a Duane Reade around the corner.

Easy Hairstyles to Get Your Kids Out the Door Fast

Dutch Braid: If you can French braid, you can Dutch braid. It might take a little practice to train yourself to add pieces under the middle section (instead of over) which sets the braid on top of the hair, giving it a 3D effect. Practice makes perfect, and once you get it right, this one […]

Letter X Hairstyles

So there you have it – The letter X.  If you wish for the top of your X’s be a bit higher, start braiding closer to the part, or start with little ponytails closer to the part and then braid them. Source

Fancy Hairstyle with Braids

Little girl hairstyles that include decorative braids look adorable! For this style, three braids are formed starting at the hairline and joining together for a mid-height ponytail to the side. triple braid and pony little girl hairstyle, for natural hair i would have the 3 braids lead into a large braid or rope twist, instead of […]

Easy Back To School Hairstyles #3

(Although nowhere near as intense as the words “sock bun.”) This looks so cool!!wish I could do this but I can’t even do a sock bun:(

Easy Back To School Hairstyles #2

The Perfect Half Up-Half Down: A softer style which looks great on School Photo day. Put the hair into a middle parting and take a section of hair from the front, just to the ears will do. Sweep it back as it is, and stick in a hair bobble or plait the sections first (see […]

Top French Side Braid High Ponytail

There is so much to love about this french braid ponytail hairstyle we don’t even know where to start! We love how she adds some volume to the top of her mane before starting the braid, giving her overall look some generous height. Then she starts the french braid as close to the front and […]

Double French Side Braid Low Ponytail

Okay, so this style is totally cool and completely takes your average low ponytail to the next level. The double set of french side braids adds some serious dimension and modern style to the overall look, creating a style that looks deceivingly difficult. This simple style can be worn to softball practice or your best […]

Hair Styles For School #1

Braid your bangs for a convenient and stylish hairstyle. I did this after a pool day at school and it looked great even after all that chlorine!