Sense Of Maturity
30 Nail Designs With Marble Stripes

Marble stripes are a beautiful and practical pattern, which has also been widely used in manicure in recent years. It can be matched with the color of black, white, gray, haze blue, rubber powder. And it can be made of ordinary style or can be made of polished nail, which reveals sense of maturity. If […]

Fall In Love With Colors
33 Ideas Of Jelly Nails To Make You Fall In Love With Colors

Jelly nails have high transparency and high saturation, making your nails look like juicy jelly, bright and transparent, with rich colors. You can also add your favorite pictures on your fingernails, such as stars, love, and sequins, all of which are very good with Jelly nails. In the sun, you reach out your hands, and […]

Art Design
30 Amber Nail Art Ideas In Fall

As summer is gone away, we should prepare for autumn. Buying new cloths while trying to make new nails for this fall with a different atmosphere. Amber is a elegant and gorgeous color. The basic can be brown, green, blue, pink and even other colors, then use a painting pen to embellish some patterns with a brush. […]

Special Colors
31 Elegant Holographic Nail Art Designs

Recent years, holographic manicure has been trendy. A single color can’t meet people’s needs, and people want to be more cool and more special. Often used in the color of white is pink, as beautiful as white pearls and pink shells, will have a splendor. If you are tired of normal nail colors, you can try […]

Shine Like Diamonds
37 Shiny Nail Designs For 2019 Fall

If you are searching for gorgeous nail designs for autumn, you can have a look at our recommendation today. The sequins are an important element in the nail, with a solid-colored nail that looks  more attractive. As you move your hands, it’s like shining diamonds. Every woman wants to the unique one, at least in […]

Creative And Pretty
34 Trendy Wedding Cake Ideas For 2019

Wedding can be said the most important moment in a person’s life. Everyone wants a perfect wedding, from bridal dress to wedding cakes, all the things must be suitable. Cakes employ sweet, so which kind of wedding cake do you like to choose? Someone like white cream, because it’s also the color of veil. Someone […]

With Best Wishes
45 Sweet Ideas Of Wedding Cookies

Besides wedding cake, milk cookies are also a hot trend. It can dress up your wedding ceremony, can bring best wishes to the couple. New flavors and patterns will give your guests visual appeal, and leave them a deep impression. Here are some sweet and cute ideas for bridal shower cookies. Let’s have a look […]

Pretty And Convenient
31 Wedding Cupcake Towers For You To Pick Up

The cup cake is small and cute. It is perfect for wedding cakes and has the following advantages: One copy per person, easy to distribute. Cute shapeshows the taste of the couple. Pretty small and easy to carry. If you’re thinking of custom wedding cakes, which is both special and practical. Please look at today’s recommendations.Pretty And Convenient Source: […]

For Your Perfect Feet
30 Toenail Art Designs To Make You Stand Out

It’s believed that a lot of girls go to manicure, but do you pay enough attention to your toenails? It is also a kind of beauty to be equipped with toenails. Fingernails and fingernails are often matching design, with the same color, embellished the same trinket, which appears harmonious and vivid. We bring 30 toenail design to everyone. […]

About Success And True Love
32 Amazing Quotes From Great Expectations

The great expectations is a novel by Charles Dickens, which has been adapted into a film many times. It incorporates the author’s outlook on life, philosophy and morality. This is an amazing book. Pie was originally a poor boy, and a huge legacy brought him to London and began to seek true love. Wealth is […]

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