Halloween Makeup Ideas In 2020

Halloween costume will not be complete without the makeup. Some people are very creative at doing their own Halloween makeup that they look real. However, not everyone is as talented as some, so here are some Halloween makeup ideas in 2020 that are both cool and easy.

Scaly and Beautiful as a Mermaid

Halloween makeup does not always mean scary or spooky. It can also be beautiful and enchanting, just like a mermaid. You can paint your face with fish scales or simply buy fake fish scales and stick it on your face. Find a shade that matches your eye color and create a smoky eye makeup.

Whiskers Up Pussycat

If you love cats, then this Halloween makeup is perfect for you. This makeup is simple and does not need a lot of practice. Just put some cute whiskers on your face and paint your nose just like a cat’s, and you’re good to go. Oh, and don’t forget to put your hair in buns on both sides to complete the look.

As Cold as the Ice Princess

Most women prefer to still look pretty for Halloween, and one way to ensure it is by becoming a princess on Halloween. One beautiful princess to portray is the Ice Princess. Doll up with a silver wig, Christmas ornaments, and put some silver glitters on your face to achieve this look.

A Real-Life Unicorn

Unicorns are cute, colorful, and cheerful. If you do not like the darkness of Halloween, why not spread some color by being a unicorn on Halloween. Put on a rainbow-colored wig, colorful eye makeup, and of course, do not forget their pointy and spiraling horn.

The Blood-Stained Nurse

The bloody sexy nurse is a favorite costume during Halloween. It may sound ordinary, but you can always come up with your unique makeup to make it different.

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