Romantic And Warm
30+ Romantic And Warm Quotes From Movies

Love has always been a hot topic forever. Love can make people strong and courageous, and it can also destroy someone in an instant. What should it be like to love someone in your mind? Maybe the famous quotes from the movies below can describe what you think exactly. Yes, we are all searching for […]

Women Power
30 Quotes From Mulan About Women Power

“The power of girl” is a topic often mentioned in modern society. Are you a girl Do you believe that you have the same power as men, and can you do the same thing? The classic Disney movie Mulan will tell the girls the answer. This is an ancient oriental story. The girl Mulan replaced her […]

About Success And True Love
32 Amazing Quotes From Great Expectations

The great expectations is a novel by Charles Dickens, which has been adapted into a film many times. It incorporates the author’s outlook on life, philosophy and morality. This is an amazing book. Pie was originally a poor boy, and a huge legacy brought him to London and began to seek true love. Wealth is […]

American Dream
40 Life Quotes From The Great Gatsby

In a nutshell, Gatsby is a story of a poor boy pursuing old love after his fortune, which is also a microcosm of the American dream. As long as people work hard and do not give up the opportunities brought about by era, they will at least realize the ideal of wealth. The most beautiful […]

Summer Movie
30+ Quotes From 500 Days Of Summer

When talking about summer, which movie would you think of? Everyone has their own unique memories of summer. And for me, 500 days Of summer is a movie I have to watch. This is not only a fresh film, but also a film about love. Because the male and female protagonists have different ideas about […]

Romantic Movie
19 Romantic Quotes From Before Midnight

This is the third one. The film tells the story of the trivia after the protagonist enters the marriage, the details of life, the tribulations become the focus of the conversation, disagreements, can also become the trigger of quarrels. If the first two are pure love and romance, then the third is full of life. […]

Romantic Movie
30 Romantic Quotes From Before Sunset

After before sunrise was released in 1995 before dawn and nine years later, the second before sunset was on in 2004. It mainly tells the story of Jesse, who became a bestseller nine years later, and Zelena, who works for an environmental protection organization in France, met again in Paris and had a short and good […]

Romantic Movie
30 Romantic Quotes From Before Sunrise

The film tells the story of young American Jesse bumping into French schoolgirl Zelena on the train. They visited the city and talked about each other’s past. In the end, they made an appointment to see each other in half a year. It is a 1995 movie, all 100 minutes of dialogue, which can make […]

Superhero Movie
30+ Inspiring Quotes From The Iron Man

Marvel movies have a lot of fans around the world. If you’re Marvel’s No. one fan, I’m sure you won’t miss Iron Man. The Iron Man series is also about superheroes. In the years of peace, people always worship heroes and want to be such people. So Marvel seized on this and created the image of […]

All About Family
30+ Moving Quotes From The Fast And The Furious (2)

When people talk about The Fast And The Furious, what will they remember? It is not only a story about cars and beauties, or simply define it as a tough onion movie. Family concept is an important factor that can not be ignored. The unexpected death of Paul Walker, one of the film stars, has had […]

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