Detailed Tutorial
35 Simple Methods To Cook New-Flavor Sushi

Sushi as a representative of the day, can be said to be the most widely spread. It can be seen on tables all over the world. But traditional sushi is highly demanding on ingredients and techniques. Let’s explore its simplified version. Sushi lovers can naturally feel its magic. To make sushi on their own at […]

Detailed Tutorial
30+ Delicious Cakes For The New Year 2020

When the new year comes, people always want to do something to celebrate, open a bottle of champagne, buy a cake, or wear new clothes. These are not just rituals, but also expectations for the future. The sweet smell of the cake around the table, to share it with three or five friends or dearest […]

Lovely And Delicious
30 Lovely And Delicious Christmas Biscuit Houses

High-calorie and high-sugar snacks can bring happiness to others in winter, especially for festivals. Biscuits are not only treats for guests, but also children’s favorite snacks. Snowmen, gingerbread men and Santa Claus are traditional elements of Christmas. Although they have been around for a long time, they are still popular with people. As a result, we […]

Colorful And Delicious
30 Colorful And Delicious Biscuits For Christmas

Christmas is coming in the new year, and I believe that every family has some decorations on the table. Among them, the small biscuits used to entertain the guests are indispensable. All kinds of cookies can be used as snacks before dinner and can adjust the atmosphere of the party very well. Therefore, every housewife should […]

Tasty And Fun
31 Simple Methods To Tell You How To DIY Gingerbread

Gingerbread is one of the most wonderful Christmas cookies because its beautiful shape and  strong appreciation. What’s more, for the sake of children, they are tasty and fun. Beautiful gingerbread can also put them in bags and take them to school for distribution to good friends. Children like to show off and share best. So let’s […]

Christmas Day's Recipes
32 Creative Desserts Ideas–Christmas Day’s Recipes

The dessert is a must for the festival, and in such a big festival, it is natural that they will appear on people’s table. With the weather is getting colder and colder, it may be a snowy day at Christmas. Well, pie is the best dessert. The steaming skin is wrapped in thick jam, delicious and nutritious. […]

To Melt Your Heart
30+ Sweet Christmas Cookies To Melt Your Heart

Each holiday needs some little cookies, which are the best treats for your guests especially children. Eating sugary food will give people better mood. For example, cakes, chocolates, biscuits, ice cream, gingerbread, wafer and so on. Above all are the best cookies for Christmas. Because they are tasty, they are attractive, they are colorful. What’s […]

Lovely Recipes
30 Delicious Christmas Cakes For You To Choose From

Cake should be the standard of the festival. Whether it is major holidays, anniversaries, birthdays or parties, cakes are essential elements. Because cakes are not only beautiful, but also delicious. It is commemorative to bake a cake for your family on Christmas, a particularly grand holiday. Almost everyone likes cakes. Christmas cake only needs to add […]

For Parties
30 Creative Halloween Food In 2019

Halloween is an important festival in a year. People tend to prepare a lot of things for it. Parties are not only about serving candies and alcohol, but also creative Halloween themed food. Let’s look the fun and delicious snacks. Most of them are made of pumpkin or pumpkin-like shape. The color of orange is […]

Soft, Moist And Buttery
30 Traditional And Creative Red Velvet Cakes

Red velvet cakes may be the smoothest and creamiest desserts. Today’s recipe is not only the traditional one, but also has some creative ideas. For example, red velvet chocolate cakes, red velvet cheese cakes, red velvet bread, red velvet loaf, etc.. Because of its incredibly soft, moist and buttery taste, red velvet cake won the […]

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