Of 2019 Christmas
30+ Trendy Snowflake Nails Of 2019 Christmas

The snow day gives a pure feeling. People like to walk out of the house in the lower snow day, to greet the loved ones, or to play with friends. Snowflake manicure is also a popular Christmas style. Let’s see what trends there are this year. Manicure art will light up the beauty of winter. […]

Shining Christmas Manicure
34 Shining Christmas Elk Manicure For 2019

Are you still looking for a suitable Christmas nail style? Maybe you should look at the following pictures. The elk, driving a santa sleigh, is a very lovely and traditional shape, with a festive atmosphere, bringing a Christmas-like mood to people. If you’re tired of a constant nail style, red green, and more. Why not try […]

For 2019 Christmas
30+ Colorful Gingerbread Men Nails For 2019 Christmas

When it comes to Christmas Day, people must remember gingerbread men, which can be said the unforgetable childish memories. Today we will evoke childhood memories and immerse ourselves in the sweetness of candy biscuits. Like the dream color of candy, with the lovely gingerbread person, I think this kind of collocation will certainly make people […]

For Ladies And Kids
30 Amazing Christmas Modelling For Ladies And Kids

Both children and adults want to dress themselves up on big holidays, especially those young moms, who have a desire to attire their little babes. If you are such a lady and have no idea about what to choose from, I am pretty sure that you should read this article and then go to buy […]

Sweet Candies
30+ Cute Nails You Must Have This Christmas

Most of today’s manicure are French style, like sweet candies. Color use is very dreamlike and fresh, hoping to bring you bright feelings this winter. Christmas Day can be said the most important festival in a year, so ladies are always willing to dress up and show up in their best states. I suggest one […]

For 2019 Christmas
31 Cute Blue Nails For 2019 Christmas

Loving beauty is the nature of women. Besides makeups, hairstyles and clothing, manicure is also a beauty project. Blue manicure is perfect for winter, with exquisite painting and shiny sequins, lovely and charming. Blue is both the color of the sky and the sea, and the color of ice and snow. If you haven’t tried a […]

Dreamlike Makeups
30 Awesome And Dreamlike Makeups For Christmas

What’s the most popular cartoon these days? I believe it’s Frozen II. Everyone likes Disney princesses. Have a look at today’s makeups of fairies. Green stands for nature, yellow for sunset, blue for winter and white for ice and snow. All these colors can turn you into female celestial. If you want to look different […]

Simple And Outstanding
31 Sexy Christmas Make ups in 2019

Today’s makeups are for daily dressing. Somebody may have a idea that nude lipsticks will make people look lifeless and bloody, as if they were sick. However, nudes are very very sexy color in the make up. The following pictures will teach you how to use them to be charming women. With the Christmas atmosphere, […]

For Christmas
30 Pretty Eye Shade Ideas For Christmas

The match of red and green is one of the symbols of Christmas Day, and today’s eye shade tutorials make good use of it. Beautiful shape, bold color matching constitutes today’s theme. Unique makeup can not only attract people’s attention, but also promote to everyone that you are a tasteful person. Bravely use these beautiful eye […]

Charming And Lovely
32 Charming Christmas Makeup And Hair

Make up and hair are such important things to women. Beautiful appearance will not only leave a good impression to people, but also make us happy and content. The suitable style for Christmas Day is based on the color of red or orange, because it can give people warmth. Today we select many pictures for […]

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