Go Orange
31 Lovely Makeups About The Color Of Orange

Which kind of color do you like best? Is orange your favorite color ? If your answer is yes, go and see the next content. Orange is the color that symbolizes vitality, can be the sun or something bright. Orange is always striking, giving the feeling of enthusiasm and hope. A touch of orange eye shadow […]

In 2020 Spring
32 Lipsticks You Should Try In 2020 Spring

The mouth is not only the tool we eat, but also the organ we express. Pretty lovely lip gloss can be impressive. The right lipstick color will make us more beautiful and sexy, while the bad lipstick will make us look spiritless. So mature women know the importance of choosing the right lipstick! Scientific research […]

For 2020 Spring
30 Simple And Beautiful Makeups For 2020 Spring

As people wear fewer clothes in the spring, their makeup becomes lighter. In the cold winter, people are dressed heavily and make-up is heavy. A vibrant spring doesn’t need to be like this. Spring wear and makeup should be simple to restore your original beauty. Light pink makeup is the most appropriate one! Such makeup although […]

Go Blue
30+ Blue Eye Shadow Ideas You Need To Try

Blue is not only the color of melancholy, but also the color of the sky and the sea. And blue on the eye shadow, is also very wonderful. Blue eye shadow, once popular in the 1970s and 1980s, is believed to be back in fashion in the near future. Beautiful blue is suitable for pupils […]

Classic Fashion
30+ Classic Smoke Makeup Methods

In the past, smoke make was very very popular. You could see it anywhere. Whether on stage or in a studio, in a movie or in real life, women choose this makeup. It is because the makeup of smoke makeup is more heavy, so it gives it more sense of ceremony. Choose this when you’re dressed […]

Amazing Eye Makeups
30 Amazing Eye Makeups Like Galaxy In Your Eyes

It’s pretty sure that good eye shadow will inspire you! It looks like glitter galaxy~ If you are going to a party, this makeup method can be your magic weapon. Large areas of color and shiny gloss will make you stand out from the crowd at the party and become your full-time star. I believe […]

Perfect For Parties
30+ Charming Red Makeups For 2020

Red makeup is perfect for parties and you’ll be the center of attention with red eye shadow and red lipstick. Red is an attractive dramatic color to make you look like goddess. Makeup is a way to express your characteristics and feelings. Red represents warmth.I believe you will look like this with red makeup. Compared with […]

Eye Makeup Methods
30+ Eye Makeup Methods: Go Purple

Purple enthusiasts will be happy to see the article. Purple is deep and charming, but is less common in the eyes. How to use purple eye shadow skillfully? Large areas of solid color tone will be more prominent purple, and it is not easy to appear very dirty eye shadow. And the purple option is […]

Sweet Girl
30 Cute Eyeliners You Need To Learn

Is the eyeliner just a line decorated at the end of the eye? Can a simple extension draw the right eyeliner? I’m sure a lot of people who aren’t very familiar with makeup will send such doubts, and the answer is certainly no. Eyeliner is a key step in lighting eye makeup and requires not […]

In the Trend
32 Attractive Short Hair Styling In the Trend

Many girls are used to a short hair, refreshing and able. Limited to length, short hair patterns are naturally not as much as long hair. But short hair can also be permed and dyed, come to enjoy it ~ Don’t think short hair can be easy to maintain! The shorter the hair, the more careful […]

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