95 Purple Hair Color Highlights Lowlights For Dark Burgundy Plum Violets Colors

If you are always dreaming of having a unique hairdo, you should try out dark purple hair. Dark purple is not just a beautiful shade, but it seems to work for most skin tones, and if you paint it using an excellent technique like balayage and in a trendy pattern, you will look stunning. There are also many ways that you can wear this lovely color and also some different shades available. This hue is as versatile as any other, and you can always be confident of a unique and head turning headdress.

Have you seen a pastel purple hair color in the streets of your city? It’s one of the new trends this season. This shade of purple will be perfectly combined with a bright stylish girl’s cheeky look. And if you opt for more radical changes, also see our bright purple hair ideas.

Purple hair is not easy to achieve at home unless you are the real expert. Therefore, it is advisable to go to a salon and ask a colorist for help. A colorist will make sure that the dyeing process won’t damage your hair much. Also, be it pastel, lavender, bright or dark purple hair that you opt for, a professional colorist, unlike you, knows how to achieve each of these shades. So, you will be definitely satisfied with the result.

In case your hair is not white or platinum blonde, your colorist will bleach the hair at first. It is possible to bleach hair for the further pastel dyeing in two ways. The first way consists of one step. That is, the bleaching and pastel dying occurs after applying one dye. And another way is done in two steps, that is, your hair is bleached at first, and only then pastel is added. Professional colorists tend to use the second, two-step way.

Purple pink creation! Looks slot like my current hair color!!

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