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77 Light-Dark Brown Hair Colors For Brunettes Blondes Balayage This Summer

A light brown hair color is neither extra light nor extra brown. It is medium, and therefore, perfect. There are many chic variations of light brown with low- and highlights. For example, Color Melt shade is a combination of dark roots with warm light brown middle and ends. This soft and warm ombre fits medium and dark skin tones. And Gingerbread Delight is based on a cooler shade topped with highlights that are hand painted. It also fits medium and dark skin tones.

Dying you hair lighter for summer is nothing new but, at the same time, it also never gets old. There’s something about the change in the weather that makes us want to hit ‘refresh’ on our strands. And with the warmer months fast-approaching, you’re likely starting to contemplate a fresh new color to take with you to your next hair appointment.

Are you brunettes women, worried about whether you will go with dark skin women or blonde women? From now you can throw away your thinking. You have different look and you will color your hair according to your own looking. But how? Or confused about which color will represent you beautiful according to your skin.

Here are some suggestions for you which may help you a lot.

Honey Brown hair color

If you were born with light brown hair, you know better than anyone else about the blessings of this versatile shade. Quite easy to transform yourself into a light, bright blonde, and even easier to dye down to a darker tone – there’s literally something for everyone. We have more ideas in store for you, as it’s a very rewarding time to embrace your luscious light brown locks!

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