57 Natural Dark Chocolate Hair Color For Brown Brunettes Balayage

Vibrant chocolate hues remain in the mainstream from season to season. No wonder, they are of the same importance to brunettes and girls with medium brown hair as platinum or strawberry blonde to blondes. The palette of chocolate shades varies from milk chocolate with warm red notes to the cool bittersweet one. Commonly we attribute to the chocolates all the sweet and delicious browns, such as mocha, hot cocoa, truffle brown, chocolate cherry, brown sugar, espresso, sweet cola, etc.

Chocolate hair looks classy, dramatic and occasionally a little bit strict. Even men unconsciously believe that women with chocolate hair are more serious, trustworthy and loyal. That’s why dark-haired ladies happen to hold top positions much oftener than lightheaded blondes. However, a chocolate brunette can easily look very feminine and romantic once she curls her delicious locks or shape them into a chic updo. Since chocolate palette is rather broad and versatile, even most blondes can afford it.

Rich, creamy, melting chocolate. Find me one woman who does not love this food of the gods. Naturally, it doesn’t come as a surprise that chocolate brown is one of the most preferred hair colors for them. It is rich, vibrant, and oh-so-classy. From rich cocoa to creamy milk chocolate; it comes in so many different shades, giving you a multitude of hair coloring options to choose from.

Once you have your color down, all there is left to do is decide on the style and placement. Below is a list of 57 chocolate brown hair color ideas that have just the right amount of brio to get you inspired.

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