55 Fall Matte Nail Colors to Try This Year

Fall is here, and you know what that means – matte nails are making their comeback! Nail art lovers will be glad to know that the trend is still around for the coming season. It’s all about matte finish right now. A glossy painted nails are so last year.

So, have to achieve the matte finish? You have two options: The first is to buy a matte top coat. The product will instantly transform any glossy shade in your collection to a matte finish. Your other option is to buy an already matte nail polish.

Well, okay. Matte isn’t exactly a color, but it’s definitely the rage now. It’s actually more of the type of color. It’s when a color is flat or dull. It doesn’t shine nor is it metallic. It’s not even glittery and definitely not glossy. But even when it’s a boring type, it’s actually one of those colors that you will want to have, especially when it comes to cosmetics.

Are you looking for fall nail matte colors design for this autumn? See our collection full of cute fall nail matte colors design ideas and get inspired!

If you think you’re ready for the power of matte, then you could definitely look ath these wonderful nail art design in matte and find the inspiration you need. Let’s dive right in! Click NEXT PAGE below to start browsing the gallery and happy pinning!