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50+ Funny Quotes Inspirational To Live By When You’re Feeling Down

Funny quotes and silly memes can be a relief when life starts to bring you down. Life isn’t always easy — nor do we expect it to be — but when you bring a few laughs into your day, things get a little easier.

We all have those moments when we’re feeling down. Whether it be your boss overlooking you, your car breaking down, or your significant other giving you a hard time, life always seems to have a funny way of making us feel crappy.

It is especially easy during this time to completely give up on the situation or to soak in the negative energy. That energy then consumes us and can make us forget about the power we have. We have the ability to find the best method to overcoming our bad moods. Remind yourself of this every time you find yourself slipping into an unwanted spirit. Once that is accomplished, take some time to breathe, laugh and relax.

Life is always going to have its ups and downs, but we must choose to rise above any obstacles we encounter.

While there are many ways to get yourself to stop feeling down, a lot of people turn to quotes to help them get through their tough days and get back to a better mood. These quotes don’t always have to be serious, structured or inspirational. In fact, they can be funny and serve as comic relief on your worst days.

We all know, work weeks can be rough. Actually, everyday seems to present a different challenge. On Monday, you are looking for a jolt to start the week. On Wednesday, you need some help to get over the hump. And on the weekends, you need to get rejuvenated for the week ahead. Therefore, let us help you with these funny quotes.

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