marble stone nail designs that are absolutely beautiful to try out!

50+ Acrylic Coffin Marble Nails Colors Designs 2019

As a long term user of Pinterest, I’ve learned to detect the hottest beauty and fashion trends just watching which of pinned pictures gain the biggest number of likes.

I am a strong believer that the best trends are coming from us, simple girls, bloggers and Internet surfers. Not from celebrities (who have personal stylists) and catwalks.

I noted that one of the most popular manicure ideas of last weeks is good old marble nail design. I decided to make a post sharing with you a set of the best idea’s implementations.

Marble nails are the latest trend and more and more women are giving in to it. But not everyone knows that despite the intricate pattern, there is nothing too complex about it. And today we will prove this. Dive in!

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