49 Quick and Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes

If you are like most people these days, you work all day, then you hit the gym, then you come home and make dinner and watch maybe an episode (or three) of Netflix, while scrolling through Pinterest and Facebook, then go to bed. Well, if you are trying to eat a healthy dinner, that poses a bit of a problem.

I have tried Blue Apron, Fit and Ready, and a ton of other pre-cooked or pre-selected meals. For some reason, they haven’t really been able to provide me with a quick and easy healthy dinner option that I love and can come back to again and again. I just want a healthy meal that I can make in like 30 minutes.

The only thing that I have found works is coming up with a list of healthy dinner recipes on Sunday, and scheduling them out for the week. After that, I get an ingredient list together and hit the grocery store.



This asparagus and sweet potato chicken skillet is power packed with protein, vitamins, and is low carb and low glycemic index.  It has protein and keeps the calories super low.  This is an amazing go to weight loss meal or just plain old healthy meal.  It’s great as a healthy dinner because you won’t have  much in terms of simple carbs before bed.  This is a great framework for a healthy dinner as well.  Protein and veggies with very little to no simple carbs.  Stick to that recipe and you are going to lose more weight and keep it off.