45 Simple Festive Christmas Acrylic Nail Designs for Winter

Christmas nails will for sure make your look outstanding during winter. This holiday is a good opportunity to exercise creativity in decorating not only your houses and Christmas trees with garlands but your nails, as well. Moreover, it displays our inner personality.

Nail art provides us with an endless list of possibilities to express our personality. As for Christmas, the best embellishment for nails is always sparkles. Just a dash of gold or silver will instantly highlight your design.

Don’t forget about dressing up your nails themed for this stunning occasion with these Christmas Nail art Designs and Ideas. Your outfit will diligently match footsteps with your graceful Christmas Nail art Designs and Ideas making you look all set to celebrate birthday of Jesus Christ.

I tried this design over the weekend and absolutely love it. For those who want to try it just know matching that same color blue might be difficult but even with a darker shade of blue it still is very pretty and professional looking.

We have chosen 45 cool ideas of nail designs which combine traditional colors and shimmering embellishments, which, by the way, look gorgeous together. Click NEXT to get motivation and original ideas for your Christmas nails and have a happy pinning!