30+ Moving Quotes From The Fast And The Furious (1)

It is believed that every boy has a dream of racing. The series of The Fast And ThenFurious satisfies this well. Besides, it also tells a story about family.

Every character in this film is true to life, Dom, Brian, Letty, Han, Mia, Gisele, Roman… No matter what their situation, they are always loyal to their families. Dominic has ever said, “I don’t have friends. I got family.”

Hobbs and Shaw of Fast And Furious is on. Will you walk into the cinema and watch it? This issue takes you to recall the classic dialogue in The Fast And The Furious.

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Indeed, I am a devoted fan of The Fast And The Furious. It brings me not only the excitement of racing, the warmth of my family, but also endless summer memories. I hope we remember this summer, every summer. And remember this movie.