30+ Lovely Manicures For 2020 Summer

What style of nails do you have now? Is it still winter or spring style? The temperature is gradually increasing, and we also need some new nails to dress ourselves up!

Summer is the warmest and most beautiful season of the year, and we can use many cute little elements. For example, flowers, strawberries, stars, sparks, and so on. We can also add transparent nail polish or shiny sequins.

I promise that the nails will be sweet and youthful, and you will love them!

Source: https://pin.it/2RBAH0f

Source: https://pin.it/9fRmQ2h

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Source: https://pin.it/2eRw48w

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Source: https://pin.it/4lSj8ma

Beautiful nails decorate beautiful people and bring you good moods and good luck.