Ignite Your Christmas

30 Basso-Relievo Manicure Ideas To Ignite Your Christmas

When it comes to winter, people think of all the furry, textured things, such as thick sweaters and cute teddy bear dolls, because they can keep people warm.

In winter, the nail is not necessarily a bright red or green. So long as it can create a kind of thick and heavy style, it is very suitable for winter. Today is a special topic of relief manicure, with general pattern and sweater-like texture.

Most of these exquisite and beautiful manicures were designed by Japanese manicurists, so we carefully selected some Japanese winter manicures. Hope you like them.

Source: https://pin.it/gpmgp6tjjg5mgl

Even on a cold Christmas day, you can still be a sweet girl, just choose a relief manicure and wear a sweater.

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