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29 Wedding Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair to Look Gorgeous

Trendy prom hairstyles for long hair can fit any lady’s taste and the desirable look. Our collection of hairstyles offers it all: they are romantic, elegant, intricate and, most importantly, super-amazing.

You can find so many romantic hairstyles for long hair, and a lot of them sport pretty locks. Curls and waves guarantee a more voluminous look whether they are natural or not. Talking about volume, it can also be achieved with the help of long layered haircuts which boost it even without extra hair product. Why bother about volume, you might ask.

Well, it is simple. The longer your hair, the more difficult it is to maintain volume. Longer hair becomes heavier and, consequently, weights down your tresses even when styled. And disregarding if your hair will be up or down or braided, more volume will always enhance the beauty of every hairstyle. It’s because it makes any hair seem much fuller.

These braided hairstyles are perfect for an easy going summer day. It doesn’t matter if you have long hair, short hair or something in between, you’ll find braided hair ideas ranging from easy to ones that are a little more difficult.

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