28 Love Quotes For When You’re Truly, Madly, Deeply In Love

Being in love is like existing on another plane. When you are truly and deeply in love with someone, it’s as if there is no one else in the whole world other than the two of you. It makes you feel as though no one understands you as well as your partner does.

It might sound cheesy, but when you only have heart eyes for that one special person, you really do feel like sappy, “I love you like crazy” quotes describe your love for one another. It is almost as if your own words aren’t good enough to explain how you feel, but you find it so easy to relate to the love-filled quotes you find online.

Being so in love makes you feel like you can accomplish anything life throws at you. It doesn’t matter if there are obstacles in life or if you can’t always be that happy-go-lucky person you want to be; love makes you feel like all the bad in life is possible to overcome.

But besides just simply being in love, actually saying “I love you” means the WORLD to someone when you really, truly mean it. Those three little words reassure your significant other that they hold a prime real estate in your heart; that through thick or thin, the two of you will always be together.

But even when you are completely and overwhelmingly in love, saying those three words isn’t always easy. Some find it to be nothing but a curse. But there are other ways to say “I love you” without actually saying it. Sharing beautiful quotes about love with your partner helps to show them your admiration and love for them without saying those three words if you don’t want to.

"I'll never finish falling in love with you."

“I’ll never finish falling in love with you.”