26 Friendship Quotes For Your Best Friends

“Special friend… Today, I wish for you all of the happiness that you are so deserving of. I wish that all of your dreams will be fulfilled and that sunshine and laughter will follow you wherever you go. I wish you all smiles, new adventures, new friends, and success in everything you do. I wish you the best of everything to match the best in you. And one more wish I have. More for me than for you, I wish I could be there with you, special friend, to see all of these wishes come true.”

Taking the time to evaluate the people you call friends is something we all need to do now and again.

Are your friendships supporting and building you, or are they holding you back? Sometimes we develop friendships because they’re convenient, or hold on to dying ones because they’re old. For those who can and have cut those unhealthy friendships out of their lives, these quotes about real friendship will ring true. For those who are surrounded by friends but find themselves unsupported and uninspired, let these be words of wisdom to consider. No matter how many friends you have, keep these qualities in mind when choosing who comes and goes in your life!

She's my best friend, of course I'm going to tell her every thing what you just said.