20+ Most Awesome DIY Mason Jar Ideas You Can Make in 2019

Mason jars are among the most popular DIY items by far. And no wonder – they come in many sizes and designs, you can always find one that suits your project best. Projects with them tend to also be relatively easy, they take no more than a few hours to complete.

If you’re a crafting maniac like us, you’re always looking for new projects to take up and add a little something more to your home decor. There’s always that sentiment of building something yourself rather than just buying another decor piece that makes you feel so good. And if you’ve done a few home decor DIYs already, you probably have your favorites too.

So here are 20+ really awesome DIY mason jar ideas and things you can do with them.

Check out the tutorial: #DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

1. Mason Jar Bathroom Storage
Mason jars make the perfect storage for bathroom accessories, and if you design them in the style of your choice, you can make a beautiful decor statement too.

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