matte nails design
50 Dazzling Matte Nail Designs to Wear in 2018

Who said it’s all about glossiness? To all the ladies who feel the necessity to shine in an extraordinary fashionable way, you’re welcome aboard the ship of glamour. The solution to your problem lies within a collection of gorgeous matte nail designs. We guarantee you that once you try on those trending matte designs, you’ll […]

This plain polish looks so trendy with a matte topcoat!
45 Cool Matte Nail Art Designs

Today we are introducing you to a different class of nail paints that are not only easy to apply but make a different impression on your nails. This is nothing else but Matte nails. Whether you believe or not, but matte nails have an exceptional tendency to make everyone fall for it. Matte nail paints […]

i like the shape of them and the colors
60 Sexy Designs with Matte Nail Polish

Matte nail polish is becoming quite the trend in 2018. With its sleek finish, it can either be classy and sophisticated or fun and edgy. It all depends on what kind of look you are going for! Are you ready to try matte nails? We have put together a gallery of our favorite trendy ideas […]

My Wife's fresh floral stippling tattoo by Alexx Colombo
55 Sleeve Tattoos That Will Instantly Make You Jealous

OK, you may not be the type to find yourself dreaming of glorious uniform sleeves. Yet there’s a kind of back door yearning which you’ll slowly get more acquainted with as you scroll through today’s post. Much of the focus of this article is on full sleeves, but we cover just about ever type of […]

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49 Amazing Sleeve Tattoos for Men & Women

So you started off with a small Snoopy tattoo and now you find yourself planning a sleeve. Don’t worry. It’s only natural. We’ve all been there. While you may have not originally planned on getting a sleeve, tattoos snowball fast and if you’re not strong enough to resist the allure of that next tattoo, you […]

matte nails design
65 Matte Nail Colors Ideas For Girls

Is it time for you to head to the nail salon? Are you struggling to come up with ideas of what to do with regards to your nails next? We’ve come up with some of the cutest and most beautiful matte nail art styles, and we definitely think you’re going to want to check them […]

Matte Purple Grey Acrylic Square Nails
59 Matte Nails Designs You Will Love

Matte nails are so pretty and elegant! If you are looking for nail designs that are classy and chic, you can’t go wrong with matte nail polish! Nail art has come a long way over the years. The traditional French style manicure is still quite in style. However, ombre nails, coffin nails, and stiletto nails […]

matte nails design
65 Pretty Matte Nails Design You’ll Want To Copy Immediately

Hey, fashionistas, pretty matte nail designs is our topic today. What can we say, we will never get tired of helping you to explore something new and useful! So, get ready to receive a fashion stroke, in a good sense, of course. The freshest ideas are waiting for your attention! Summer and spring matte nail […]

Hair Color Ideas That’ll Make This Summer Feel Totally Fresh for Blondes, Brunettes, and Redheads
67 Ombre Hair Color Ideas For Blonde Brown Blue Balayage Hair

Ombre hair is still one of the hottest trends; from blonde ombre style to black, silver or even ash tones. Although it’s been popular for some time, ombre is still a bold and fun statement, if you are looking for a new hairstyle. The options are limitless and you can play with fun styles and […]

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65 Ombre Hair Colors for Blond, Brown, Carmel, Red and Blue Hair

Ombre means having mixture two different monochromatic colors. Ombre style is popular in nail art, lips and hair color too! Ombre fashion is loved by the people all over the world. This hair color is popular since many seasons and today it has the great demand. Hair color express yours personality and add special effect […]