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How can i improve my 100m time by 6 seconds in 5-6 months?

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right now my pr is 15.62, but today i ran a 16.3. that is very slow for me, a 15 year old athlete, and i want to get at least a 10.3 by march in order to do well in track and field. obviously, it's possible, it has to be, so does anyone have any tips? if you are here just to say that i cant do it, please dont comment
Update: as the fastest sophomore for the 100 yards in my marching band, i think my 100m time is really slow. tbh i could probably run faster but i just havent ever timed myself faster. we ran 6 x 100 yds, and i was ahead of second place by 10 yards. maybe everyone in my marching band is just slow, but there are kids who work out daily and are very athletic
Update 2: i think the reason why i'm so slow is because back in the 7th grade, i was obsessed with hawaiian sweet maui onion rings, and i ate up to 5 bags a day. i'm decently athletic now, i just have real cruddy form
asked Sep 19, 2016 in Sports by smyadmin
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