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Why is there not more White people on Other Cultures and Groups section? I always get thumbs down because there is no White people here?

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I feel like I would get way more thumbs up on my answers if there was more White people and/or Mexican people on this section.

In real life, lots of people always agree with me, but only cuz there is lots of Whites and Mexicans in real life, in my city.

But online, on the Other Cultures & Groups section, I always get thumbs down quick cuz there is little to no White people on this section. My answer has even gotten reported just for saying, "White women are pretty." Why?

So what do you think is the most predominate race/color in the Other Cultures and Groups section? And please state your race/color/ethnicity when answering. I just wanna do a little poll, and see if there's any Whites or Mexicans.
Update: I am literally at work now, LOL! I just get on my phone and on the internet when I'm bored.
Update 2: @Rainbow Dash- But there is many racist questions aimed at Mexicans and Whites. They call White women flat, age badly, plain, and overrated, etc. Then they call Mexican women short, fat, gross, and say we are all illegal.
Update 3: @Kenny- I'm Mexican and not White, neither is anyone in my family. Some Mexicans are White, but it's very rare. Mexican is mostly Brown skinned.
Update 4: @Rainbow Dash- But it's still racist to say bad things about a race. But most MILFs are White. Susan Saradon is White, 70, and still genuinely bang-able. Also, wrinkles at 20 is huge exaggeration that only a jealous person would desperately wish was true.

Its also ur opinion if you find White women overrated. I dont. I love Milana Vayntrub, shes a beautiful White woman. She isnt plain in my opinion either.

So your statements are still racist. There is people who age good and bad in all races.
Update 5: @Rainbow- Of course you will get thumbs up. All you have to do is act racist towards Whites to get lots of thumbs up.
Update 6: @Raindow- Do you realize how racist it sounds when you say, "White women are nothing special."? What someone said, "Black women are nothing special."? I bet most Blacks would have a huge problem with that.
asked Sep 19, 2016 in Society and Culture by smyadmin
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