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Christians, can you point out when Jesus explained His mission on earth?

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2FollowHim thinks Jesus explained his mission when the fact is he never mentions - The Cross , Grace . Redemption or Blood . That was all Paul's idea years latter - But like most Christians - the followers rarely know Paul's teachings

Because I cannot email @greg and
I am called out here on this,
I wonder if someone can point out
where Jesus DID explain His
mission? Did Jesus KNOW what He was doing, and did it?

(this was the BEST ANSWER to
the question...'Was Jesus the
dumbest Messiah of his era'? ....just part of the answer is showing here where I wish
to clarify this.

Also, you could point out about any of the other concepts.

One point here: Jesus assigned Paul as we know to take the message of Grace
to the gentiles. But this is about Jesus knowing what He was doing.
Update: No, Paul was ASSIGNED by Jesus and not false. Paul prayed
for 3 years and had a message for the Gentiles whereas Jesus
came and preached to the Jews.

Please read my question carefully as I completely support
Paul. Without Paul, there would BE NO Christian church.
asked Sep 19, 2016 in Society and Culture by smyadmin
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