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Atheists, do you ever think you're just too stupid to understand God?

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Perhaps the reason you can't grasp the concepts of God is because your nihilistic, hedonistic worldview has dumbed you down too far.

For example, if you're spending more time indulging the flesh & playing around than studying biblical theology, then it's easier to buy into all the satanic deceptions againt God than it would be if you took the time to study for yourself.

The Illuminati controls the news media, entertainment media, pop culture, the scientific community, academia, Hollywood & all of the mainstream institutions that control the public mind. And they make it all conform to the ideology & use it to brainwash the public against a true understanding of biblical theology, because the Illuminati are Luciferian gnostics.

So if you're constantly being dumbed down & demoralized by them, it alters your perception. That's why you say stupid things like comparing God to a flying spaghetti monster.

It takes years to read the entire Bible, then study the world system in depth to see how it all correlates. But the typical atheist doesn't even know that Jesus is the reason we call it the year 2016 because they're too distracted to learn anything substantial.
asked Sep 19, 2016 in Society and Culture by smyadmin
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