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Do Christians really want to know why Atheists hate them more than any other religions and other religious people's?

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Well why atheists hate Christians more than we hate Jews Hindus Muslims Wiccan's Pagans?

Probably because other religious people don't try to shove their religion down on our throats?

I haven't seen any Hindus, Muslims, Jews or Pagans knocking on my door and try to convert me into their religion norbso they bother me that much as Christians do?

And they also try not to mix their religion into politics. Something which conservatives and republicans supporters who are mainly Christians want abortion to ban because they support biblical laws of being pro-life and stuff. And They want to teach Creationism in school to young kids and brainwash them into believing in religious nonsense again.
Update: While other religious people haven't forced everyone to teach Judaism or Hinduism on schools and in temples. On other hands Christian's seem to think that everyone who isn't a Christian is a lost souls so they send missionaries all over the world to convert people into believing in their man made cult.
Update 2: And Christians want to ban gay marriages and protest against gay people and claim that honosexual people who have sex with other men are committing sins.
Update 3: While most other religious people don't pick on atheists and say were immoral. And we need a savior they don't call us sinners or heathens and don't criticise us.While Christians criticise atheists all the time and if we mock and criticise their religion they'll call atheists militant and bullies which playing the victim game Christians are just too good at that?
Update 4: Also all other religious people recognize that science has no dogmas and faith. Only Christians are desperate and dishonest to claim such nonsense? So how about you leave us alone like others and we won't mock criticise and laugh and ridicule your stupid man made religion?
asked Sep 19, 2016 in Society and Culture by smyadmin
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