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Why do Whites think Brown skin Southern Europeans are White?

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Brown skin is caused by Melanin not the sun lol. Brown skin Europeans, especially dark brown have a history of sub saharan ancestry. How do you think they got the melanin in their skin? lol. A slight off whitish temporary tan is one thing but permanent dark tan to Brown skin in Southern Europeans is caused by Melanin. This should be common sense.

Melanin in the skin is an African trait.

Lack of Melanin in the skin is a Caucasian trait.

Not that hard. Why do these people think the brown skin in Southern Europeans is a caucasian trait?.

Update: This woman is Greek. Does she look White to you?. Or look like she has NO sub saharan African ancestry all?. Okay then lol. Now you've seen one. If you would actually go outside of your door and meet other people of different cultures you would not have such a huge problem with ignorant uneducated sounding comments.

Dark skin Greek woman who obviously has sub saharan ancestry

Update 2: This is how Europeans exist.

Africans > New guinea > Arabs > East Indians > Asians >Northern Europeans

That's your bloodline and the journey out of Africa into Northern Europe. What?. You thought Africans took a plane? And left their bloodline back in Africa lol? All you have to do is look at New Guinea people and see the link between sub saharn Africans and Arabs. Same dark African skin and features but with long hook noses and wavier straighter hair like Arabs.
Update 3: Like this guy. A New Guinea man.

Update 4: They even got body hair like hairy Arabs because of the colder air in New guinea. It's old news that everybody comes from Africa. Southern Europeans just show it more than northern Europeans because their lineage is closer to the source. Caucasian means they live near the Caucus mountains. The word Caucasian, which is baffling whites, does not mean White people. Americans are, as usual, using the word in the wrong context.
Update 5: This is why Americans think all Europeans are White people when they are most definitely not. And this is where the ignorance comes from. Now you know.
Update 6: ADDED a day later: These are East Indians. You strange people would actually call these people White just because they don't live in Africa? Lol give it a rest. You can't be that slow. Or can you?



The only difference between East Indians and Africans are the hair texture. That happened during the climate change.
Update 7: *Best Answer update: The best answer I first picked was deleted by an embarassed troll so next the best answer will be chosen instead.
Update 8: Typo... the was supposed to say So the next best answer will be chosen instead
asked Sep 19, 2016 in Society and Culture by smyadmin

1 Answer

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Because Whites are notoriously known for not being too bright. Southern Europeans know it and darker skin people with higher IQs than your average Low IQ Whte American know it.

Anybody else is irrelevant. They just get pointed at and ignored over here.

It would be like caring what someone with the brain of 3 year old child thinks.
answered Sep 19, 2016 by moscl
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