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Why do people assume I'm stupid?

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The cable guy came to my door offering some premium package, and I was interested because it included unlimited high speed internet, so I told him I might want the internet but not the TV & phone parts. He said "you don't want 500 channels?" And I said "No, I don't watch that much TV" then he acted all surprised, as if sitting around watching 500 different channels all day is a normal thing.

A family member came over for a visit recently. He asked me what kind of night clubs I go to, I said none. Then he says "what do you do all day?" as if I would spend "all day" playing around in clubs. I hunt, fish, hike, train dogs, feed the homeless, volunteer at the firehouse, work out, do carpentry, teach kids & do actual important things, and he's looking at me like I'm the weird one.

People always ask me stupid questions like that. They ask what kind of weed I smoke, I say I don't smoke & they act all surprised. Or they ask if I heard some new mainstream song & I don't even know the celebrity who sings it. They ask if I watch an entire TV series on netflix, as if I would spend hour after hour watching that much fiction.

I understand we live in a dumbed down society where normal is weird & retarded is normal. But seriously, do I have to dress like an 18th century magistrate in order for people to not assume I'm a fellow zombie?
asked Sep 19, 2016 in Society and Culture by smyadmin
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