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Without simply answering yes or know, doesn't Christianity have some similarities to a protection racket?

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"A protection racket is a scheme whereby a group provides protection to businesses or other groups through violence outside the sanction of the law"

I realize that from a Christian's perspective, Christianity, and God, are not outside the law, they ARE the law.

I have often noticed that Christians insist that God doesn't send people to Hell, they make the choice.

However, it is God who decided to make those specific choices, with the result being that if you don't accept His "protection", e.g. aren't saved, then you get punishment the nature of which I find it difficult to a conceive of a loving God creating.

So, accept the "protection" of Christianity, in the form of God's love and eternal life, or suffer your "eternal life" in Hell. Is that it?
That's how it seems to me.
Update: Taylor,
You make a lot of invalid assumptions in your attack. I don't hate anyone, least of all Christians.
My motto is "Love the Christian, question the metaphysics".
Update 2: Faithless,
OK I meant "no", and you know it. Point taken, I should proofread more carefully, I guess,
In a world in which literacy is getting so weak, that many on this site can't distinguish between
words like "you're" and "your" or "there","they're" and "their", I guess one must be really careful
about making mistakes for fear of appearing ignorant of basic English literacy
asked Sep 19, 2016 in Society and Culture by smyadmin
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