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Jehovah's witnesses if charles Russell's teaching on 1914 was only to proclaim the end of the Gentile times...why did Joseph Rutherford?

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in his book called.."light"...on page 194...say that the bible students were in sackcloth over the disappointment if 1914?

if the end of the gentile times was all there was to it....why did Joseph Rutherford say that the clergy scorned them for their false "prophecies"?

also...if Charlie was only talking about the end of the gentile times....and it was only through bible chronology...why did Joseph Rutherford say it was failed prophecy?

or is there alot more to it?
Update: just to clarify what Rutherford said... he said that their prophecies did not come to pass.... Meaning they were failed prophecies
asked Sep 19, 2016 in Society and Culture by smyadmin
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