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Why are atheists so immature & clownish?

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Making lame poo poo jokes like 8 year old school bullies. "Magical sky daddy" & "flying spaghetti monster." Don't they understand just how stupid they look comparing God to Santa Claus? The Founding Fathers of America, the innovators of science, the great philosophers, the designers of modern western civilization, all these high Christian minds look at atheists like "Lord, these are actually humans?"

Atheists are an example to the rest of us of how not to be. The Bible says hundreds of times to seek wisdom, be mature, develop a sound mind so you can understand concepts of God, don't be a moron like the primitive pagans, feed the spirit & not the flesh, don't be deceived by satanic mind control.

So I guess atheists take the opposite road, and it dumbs them down into infantile buffoons who can't reason higher than a teenage goth weirdo.

How do people get like that? When I was a kid my Christian parents had me read books. I read philosophy, psychology, history, sociology, biology, cosmology, physics, different ideologies, mythology, politics, and theology.

I guess atheists were busy watching family guy while eating leftover lasagna on the couch, getting dumbed down, demoralized & brainwashed by Cultural Marxism. So they never learned to think high enough to look past their satanic Illuminati overlords' mind control.

While we humans are walking around in the image of God, atheists are trying to be monkeys. Hahaha the zombie apocalypse is totally real.
asked Sep 19, 2016 in Society and Culture by smyadmin

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