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Can men live without women?

0 votes
Feminists claim that women don't need men in their lives, so I guess this means the reverse must be also true?
Update: After all, what's good for the goose should also be good for the gander.
asked Sep 18, 2016 in Social Science by smyadmin

1 Answer

0 votes
Yes , very much so , on the flip side , every unattached woman I know wants nothing to do with men , most men I know personally that have taken the decision to remain single , even totally celibate too , are much happier as they feel them can be themselves , freedom. I'm a single dad & even the thought of dating makes me shudder , not for me. This is because I have finally realised that it's because the genders are total , polar opposites & incompatible , men & women just pee each other off all the time , no wonder the single population is growing so fast !!
answered Sep 18, 2016 by moscl

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