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Is it normal to feel angry over a guy doing this or am I being demanding? Should I end everything?

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I've been talking daily to this man for almost 5 months.
For maybe 3-4 months we spoke all day and solidly for 5-8 hours per night, we were not getting much sleep obviously.

Then suddenly he did not reply for 2 days, baring in mind until then we were only leaving 30-60 minutes in between messages. I became extremely worried and wondering what was happening, I wanted to know if he was okay or if had enough talking to let me know so I could stop worrying. He then told me a few hours later that he had gone to visit family. I asked him if next time he knew he would not be able to communicate with me could he let me know in advance so i was not distracted in my own life thinking of all the various reasons why he was replying. (I have anxiety and some other things that cause me to have panic attacks and worry more than normal, I feel sick etc) he apologised and said okay. I said he had no reason to apologise as he did not know but thankyou etc.
Things then went back to normal for a while.

He then told me that someone at his work then had a bad work accident and he told me he has had to take on all of the other person's work. He's also travelling to help the other guy at home as his family live far away. Understandably he barely has anytime to talk.

Will leave the rest in comments as cannot fit it here and on phone so no update option
asked Sep 18, 2016 in Social Science by smyadmin
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