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Why can t I speak fluently?

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I m 19 years old and wasn t born in the US but I ve lived here for about 9 years. Eng. I started to learn English when I was 10 but I knew the basics beforehand (numbers,letters, basic greetings etc). I have two siblings older than me and they now speak English fluently and so do my other younger siblings. (Way more than I can!) I keep stuttering and slurring my words when people talked to me. Now, I couldn t even answer the simplest questions like "what did you do over the weekend?" without mixing my sentences up. It s getting harder for me to say words, its like they get stuck in my throat and I can t force it out, I know it s there and I have it in my mind but when I talk everything scatters. All of this I just described happens ONLY when I m in front of others including friends. when I m at home or by myself I can say everything correctly and talk fluently but when I m in public or with a friend I sound like a complete idiot and I actually need someone to help me explain things. The only time I do talk fluently in front of others is when I m reading aloud from a book.

I hate it. I cry everytime, I can t even talk to people because I m so scared of this or contribute to class discussions. If anyone know what s wrong with me or has any suggestion on how to overcome this it would be mostappreciated. I really can t live like this. It s very frustrating and embarrassing.
asked Sep 18, 2016 in Social Science by smyadmin

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