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Why do white men keep complaining about white women being worthless and bad?

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Like really, white men don't know how good they have it.
In Asia it's a very common and almost daily occurrence for an Asian woman to chop off her SO's penis.
"He didn't get the raise at work? Worthless man!" She lures him into a sex game then she cuts off his penis.
"He didn't like the dinner I made him! He will pay!" Puts sleeping drugs in his food then she cuts off his penis.
"He came home late from work, he must be cheating on me! I will cut off his penis!" Then she waits till he's asleep and cuts off his penis.
They almost never go to jail cause most society aside from very few men will just say the man deserved it cause he's a man and she's a woman.
Women there are flat out evil.

And yet, here are these millions of white men writing on the internet how white women are the most evil and wicked women in the world, mgtow, red pill, mra, whatever. White women have passion, emotional awareness, empathy... more so than any other women in the world. Cherish them you ungrateful f*cks.
asked Sep 18, 2016 in Social Science by smyadmin
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