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Why am I a male feminist?

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It's just weird,I haven't had any life experiences that made me so,it just comes naturally.I in no way think men are superior than women,never had,I'm serious.I guess I just wasn't exposed to that type of behaviour.I'm not gay and I'm a pretty masculine person you can say but you can be an anti feminist even if you like women,but I'm just not.I get offended when anti feminists comment nasty stuff online or in real life,and I wouldn't mind being a professional advocate one day.Can someone please tell me the general reason why I'm a male feminist?
asked Sep 18, 2016 in Social Science by smyadmin

1 Answer

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Because you feign to be about equality for all.

In action mode, you fight for women's rights and lobby legislature to add or change any clauses that benefit women, over and above men, to existing laws and then, in the public arena or eye, you support this amendment, while claiming that this amendment also helps men because, according to you as a feminist, feminism is about equality for all, as if your claim negates all non-feminists claims that feminism is not about equality for all, since you and others as feminists have never lobbied legislature to add or change any clauses, that will benefit men, over and above women.

The arrogance of male and female feminists precedes them. Pfft!
answered Sep 18, 2016 by moscl

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