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Scientific evaluation of moon photos prove they were done in a studio?

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Linked above is a paper which used the principles of stereoscopic parallax to expose the moon landing hoax. 

If you take two pictures of the same distant object from slightly different positions, the distant object should not move.

The mountains in the backgrounds did move, which proves that they were nearby, not 5km as NASA told us. 

Go to figure 7 

Nearby objects: the LM, the rover, and astronaut Jim are shifting relative to each other. The Apennines and the crater St. George are also moving as a whole. (Moreover, the shadow is changing on the mountains and the crater.) This finding indicates that it is less than 300 metres to the background (the ‘mountains’) instead of 5 kilometres! 

The moon landings were filmed in a studio on earth.

asked Sep 17, 2016 in Science and Mathematics by smyadmin

1 Answer

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I got as far as the phrase, "Objects further than two kilometres distant, with a minor camera shift, have zero parallax." and concluded that this is another conspiracy theorist's argument from ignorance. I find it hard to waste my time on an argument that starts from a patently false premise.

To claim that a minor change in camera position results in a zero parallax for an object greater than 2km away especially when the zero is emphasized is enough to put any educated person off wanting to read the rest of the article. You do know you're dealing with astronomers who know about parallax? If you're going to set out to deceive your audience you should post this in a forum where you won't find any astronomers who can call out the obvious lie.
answered Sep 17, 2016 by 864s
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