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Do you believe in Uri Geller's psychic abilities?

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After reading about him a bit and watching his videos, I don't have any reason to doubt him. But there is something he mentioned in one of his writings, and that is, he was once able to teleport. He mentioned that he knew how science fiction and unreal that would sound, so he wasn't sure if he should include that experience in his writings. In the end, he did but. Do you believe him?
Update: I do believe him. And I do believe that psychic abilities are not infallible...sometimes it won't work, especially under pressure. it doesn't mean it's not real.

@billy where does he admit that he exaggerates them? so how much does he exaggerate?
asked Sep 17, 2016 in Science and Mathematics by smyadmin

1 Answer

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If he does have psychic abilities, he clearly exaggerated them as he openly admits.
There are many things he did what could be deduced to tricks, many claims he boasted he could do which he obviously couldn't, but he has never admitted to being non psychic and he has worked with scientists and government agencies as well as for corporations. So there may be some truth to his claims
answered Sep 17, 2016 by 864s
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