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Are there secret space programs with UFO type craft?

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Update: @Lucas C In short, i am not asking to learn anything new from you, but to bring YOUR attention to the subject. Also, you are wrong believing they do not exist. Truth is so "far fetched" you could never comprehend it or even accept it. If i told yout THE truth you would probably suffer a complete breakdown due to cognitive dissonance and shock and awe.
Update 2: In short, you are wrong there are many such programs and they have many underground installations on this planet as well as colonies on the moon and other planets but you do NOT have a need to know about any of this.
Update 3: @Lucas C Don't get mad, lil keyboard warrior. I am not trying to prove anything to you, only rant here is your blind ignorance due to complete lack of research (and intelligence?).
Update 4: and yes, YOU are wrong, utterly and completely wrong.
Update 5: @ob1knob That would all be cool if they didn't steal tax payers money to fund their black projects and kidnapping people to build and slave in their underground / off-world colonies.
Update 6: To deny the existance of black projects developing advanced electromagnetic craft and other super advanced technology going back to 1950s and earlier in 2016 with all the data available you truly must be an idiot. Speaks a lot about this guy Lucas C and those who share his opinion that such projects do NOT exist. To call him an idiot would be a compliment.
Update 7: @Blues Street Blues If you read carefully you'll see the only "hostility" from my said was to (rightfully) call him wrong, then he responded with "your conspiracy rant..". You see some poeple are soo deep in the matrix, so ignorant and dengerated they will literally defend and if needed die for their enslaver. It's called stocholm syndrome.
Update 8: *side
asked Sep 17, 2016 in Science and Mathematics by smyadmin
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