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Why is it illegal for men to pay for sex when that literally is the only option?

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I tried online dating over 150 messages sent. 3 responses but it was more like commenting on here to someone about sports etc. They were not actually interested in me. I emailed, fat girls, women that were too old, women that had kids, women that did not have kids, etc. I indiscriminately messaged everyone I could.

In real life I have asked women out and it went terribly. I am not doing that again.

Relationships are just something that just happens for most people I tried and I failed. Even fat women were not interested in me online and I am not fat.

What choice is there besides escorts for in my position?
Update: What can guys do that have nothing to live for and can't get anyone in their lives rape someone? I think just paying for it is better than **** like that? And no I did not talk like this to any women ever.
asked Sep 17, 2016 in Politics and Government by smyadmin
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