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What should I do if I do not want to accept store credit for the compensation of receving my ill-fitting prescription eyeglasses from zenni optical?

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I just received my cat-eye zenni eyeglasses. I just found the it is ill-fitting. Then I contact the zenni customer service agent who told me they just can offer me store credit for the next purchase. I do not want to purchase eyegalsses from zenni again so I do not like the store credit. 

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asked Jun 13 in Local Businesses by Stanley

1 Answer

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As I know, If the size of the frame you received is ill fitted, you can send the glasses back to Zenni to get it inspected. If the dimensions of the frame is incorrectly measured and inaccurately posted on their website, they will issue you a fell refund. However, if they measure the dimensions of the frame to make sure they were accurately posted on their website, they just can give you the store credit. If you do not want to by the other pair with the store credit, you could buy a pair for your family memebers or close friends with it.
answered Jun 13 by Mollie

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