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what should I do if the prescription of my zenni eyeglasses is a bit off?

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I have received my second pair of zenni eyeglasses. However, it is not as perfect as the first pair. It has distorted lenses that bring me triedness and headaches. Moreover, it strained my eyes a lot. I would like to return them and get a full refund, can I?
asked Jun 12, 2018 in Health by Heather

1 Answer

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When the issue you mentioned happened, you could place  the glasses upside down on an even surface to see whether they touch the surface evenly on the 4 major points? If not, please try to gently bend the frame to obtain the 4-point touch. Then try the glasses on again after this for a little while and see if the vision is better.If this does not help, you could reach out to them at service@zennioptical.com and tell them your problem.In the same time, you will be asked for original prescription script. They will advise you  to return the glasses to Zenni Optical for inspection. If their inspection finds that there was something inaccurate about the way they made these glasses, they can offer you a refund of what you spent on the order, including the shipping fee. However, if their inspection finds that they made the glasses correctly, they can issue the 50 percent refund of what you spent on the glasses, minus the shipping fee.
answered Jun 13, 2018 by danielle
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