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EMERGENCY, what do I need to do for my cat if he has a hole in his neck?

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My cat (about 9 yrs old) has been laying underneath a bush for the past few days, refusing to come inside and eat. At first I assumed he was just tired and wanted to spend more time outside, as cats change smaller habits from time to time, But today I got worried because he hasn't been eating at all. So I brought a bowl outside, and fed him some food. He ate a lot, and he seemed to be walking very slow and had a weak meow. I took a closer look at him, and it seems that he has a nickel-sized hole in his neck.. you can see the inside of his neck and it looks infected, you can see wet fur around the wound and it just broke my heart seeing him like this and thinking I could have done something so much earlier if I knew. He seems so weak now. Is there ANYTHING I can do for him for the next 18 hours? I am unable to get him to a vet tonight, but tomorrow after school I'm supposed to be taking him to see a vet. Does anyone think the wound wouldn't spread and get too bad by the time that comes..? I'm trying to care for him the best I can until we can get him to heal the hole.
Update: UPDATE: He may not be too weak as I once thought, after he was done eating he moved from his usual spot in the bush and jumped into my parents' truck and went to sleep, I think he's trying to stay away from any other bugs and insects that could get to him and infect him more. He is still active and moving around okay. I think he's protecting himself. I know he's suffering a lot right now with the open wound, but I'm going to be sure to get him into a vet BY 3:30 PM tomorrow. Thank you everyone.
asked Sep 13, 2016 in Pets by smyadmin
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