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I have a very hard decision to make. I really need help deciding to euthanize my dog or to find other alternatives. Please help me!?

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I have a pitbull terrier. I have had her since she's eight weeks old. When she was a year old she killed my cousins dog. I went to a vet and a behaviorist and see what I can do. I keep her muzzled for safety. I changed her diet to have no grain. I make sure she has plenty of exercise. I went to aggressive dog trainer to learn how to handle her. But today the muzzle fell off somehow and she attacked my boxer. My boxer is ok, but it could have been a lot worse. Everyone is telling me it's time to put her down. She is dangerous. But I just love her so much!!! It's just so hard to know I would be putting a healthy dog down, but I have run out of options. Will someone please help me!
asked Sep 13, 2016 in Pets by smyadmin
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