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Can I return my prescription glasses to Walmart?

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I get my glasses last Monday.  Last month, I get my eyes tested and purchased this new pair of eyeglasses from Walmart vision center. Well when I put them on, I found that there is scratch on the lenses. Moreover, I feel a little bit headache. I thought the prescription is made incorrectly.  I don't want to have them send them out to fix them and make yet another trip up there and risk them not being correct. I'd rather just go to lenscrafters, or even order online like I have done in the past (without issue). Has anyone had an issue returning their glasses? The pamplet says 60 day satisfaction guarantee, but I know how difficult some of the stores are with actually abiding by their policies.
asked Jan 1, 2018 in Local Businesses by sookie

1 Answer

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Yes, of course, you can. Must be returned within 60 days. No replacements. Walmart.com stands behind the same 60 day satisfifaction guarantee as walmart stores vision centeres. For the first two months, well refund your online prescription glasses order if you are not satisfied.
answered Apr 1, 2018 by Francesco

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