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what is the best cream for dark circles under eyes?

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It is easy for me to get dark circles under eyes. I tried many ways to get rid of it. However, in some cases, I am willing to use cream to cover the dark circles to make it inconspicuous.

asked Nov 30, 2017 in Beauty and Style by Sophia Elena

3 Answers

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There are so many eye cream on the market. You could choose a kind with the below hero ingredients. Caffeine, hyaluronic acid and retinoic acid. As to the caffeine, it can constrict blood vessels and boost circulation. Hyaluronic acid can plump the area of the eyes with an intensive moisture hit. Retinoic acid temporarily thickens skin to mask dark circles. So if you invest in one of these kinds, you can get positive feedback. 

answered Nov 30, 2017 by Rema Diouf
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I've tried several brands. I am impressed with Vichy liftactiv eyes anti-wrinkle and firming eye care. It is very thick for hydrating and revitalizing the skin around the eyes. It also can help with lifting droopy eyelids, smoothing under-eye wrinkles and brightening the skin. It contains caffeine which help with the circulation increasing. It also help with reducing dark circles and puffiness. You could have a try. 

answered Nov 30, 2017 by Vera
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The best eye cream for dark circles? you could check out amazon. There are so many kinds and brands for you to pick. For example:  DR. BRANDT NEEDLES NO MORE BAGGAGE
answered Nov 30, 2017 by Cedric Vandersteen

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