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Why do I feel itching when my wounds scabs over and heals?

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My finger was cut by a knife when I peel an apple. It is so itchy when it scabs over and heals. Why? I am so curious about it.
asked Oct 26 in Health by Brendan

2 Answers

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Last week, I have wounded knee and now it scabs. I also feel it itching and so I am curious about it. Then I search some reasons.

In some articles, it said that mechanical stress as one potential explanation. This occurs due to special nerve fibers in the skin. They react when there is an irritation - whether that is caused by something simple (like a bug crawling on you) or more complex (like wound healing). Another possible explanation for the reaction is histamine.Medical experts generally agree that a wound itches when histamine is released by the cells. This is a response to a physical trauma or the introduction of bacteria. Histamine is a substance produced by the body that causes an allergic type of reaction when released. This explains the itchy skin one can experience when dealing with a wound.

answered Oct 30 by Zach Stultz
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I find out the answer for you:

Part of the healing process is removing any potential pathogens that may have gotten into the wound, so there is an inflammatory response at the site of injury. More blood flows to the area and more white blood cells are recruited to kill stuff, and in the process release different chemicals that cause you to be itchy, like histamine.

answered Nov 1 by Samuel hill

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