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Why do Secret Service and other bodyguards wear dark glasses?

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...if they even do, outside of movies.  You would think it would limit their vision.

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asked Aug 2, 2017 in Health by Russel Rhay Basiao

3 Answers

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I can’t speak for other bodyguards, but I can vouch for why U.S. Secret Service agents wear sunglasses.

Agents wear them for the same reason that you do: To see better and keep the sun out of their eyes.

Despite popular belief, agents don’t wear sunglasses all the time. I never wore my sunglasses inside, or at night, or on cloudy days, or in the shower. Sunglasses were (and are) authorized to be worn so that agents can see the area that they are monitoring with greater clarity. That’s the truth.

I’ve had people ask me if the sunglasses had some additional properties, such as electronic enhancements or targeting capabilities, etc. Uh, no. Definitely not. At least mine didn’t, anyway. Agents can wear any pair they want, so long as they were not flamboyant or drew undue attention.

I wore Revo’s.


Outside…. Sunny day….. sunglasses were appropriate.

answered Aug 2, 2017 by Jason Wells
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In a movie or a TV show, not being able to see the character's eyes because they are wearing dark glasses makes them look more threatening.

Once in real life I had been paid for some work with a check that bounced when I took it to the bank. I called Walter, an African American friend who at that time was attending Penn State University and was on the football team. I asked him to wear a suit that was a little small for him and to wear dark glasses and asked him to accompany me to meet the man who had given me the bad check. When the man saw Walter, he took back the bad check and paid me in cash without a complaint. Without a word being spoken, he assumed that if he didn't give me the money he owed me, Walter would severely hurt him. Walter and I then left, went to a nice restaurant and had a great lunch.
answered Aug 2, 2017 by Richard White
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While other than practicality of keeping the sun and glare out, I’m guessing there could be two other reasons for this.

The shades give a sense of intimidation and mystery to the bodyguards.

Notice in the image below, how you would be interested and hoping you can go up and greet or shake hands with Obama, but would really want to steer clear of his security detail. I am sure they could be friendly and nice too off duty but there they are doing their job and doing it pretty well so far.


Second, if you, as a hitman/assassin were being suspicious, they could already be keeping an eye at you without you knowing, watching your every move.

If you could see their eyes looking towards you, you would abort and act casual, waiting to lose their attention.

But in the image above you are not sure if the two SS are just casually walking or already staring straight at you “Yeh, dude… go ahead.. TRY!”

answered Aug 2, 2017 by Red Subijano

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