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I'm nearsighted. Should I wear my glasses all the time?

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When I see the things at a distance without glasses they seem blurry. My question is that do I have to wear my glasses everytime, like for e.g while using laptop or cellphone. I can see them clearly without glasses. If I wear them all time would they affect my eye sight in any way? will it get better or worse?
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asked Aug 3 in Health by Stephanie Lipsey-Liu

3 Answers

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Do NOT wear glasses for distances you can see clearly at.  Make it a habit to always remove glasses for computer use.

Some less knowledgeable may tell you otherwise, but they're wrong.  If you are using excess diopter for the prevailing distance (ie. distance vision glasses during computer use), you end up with some amount of hyperopic defocus, which triggers axial elongation (go to Google Scholar and look up "lens-induced myopia" for the science on this).

Wearing glasses only when you need them will slow the onset of progressive myopia, in many cases.
answered Aug 3 by Jake Steiner
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You do not need your glasses for close work. Wear them only  to help sharpen those images which  a distance, appear blurry.
A nearsighted eye is in focus to see well at close distances. As long as the object of interest is within the that focal range you're fine without them
answered Aug 3 by Joyce Schenkein
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What I tell people of similar situation is The only time you need to wear your glasses is when you want to see better.

Now if the glasses don't help for the up close, take them off.  But only take them off for when you're doing stuff up close for a really long time, like reading a book, or crocheting a duck, or making out.

Once you take them off, now you have two choices: you can be a delight and return them to your case or you can be more of a saucy sort and use them as a prop. Feel free to gesticulate subtly with your glasses. Point with them, rotate in circles when coming to a point. You might even want to plop one of the temple ends into your mouth when you strike a pensive pose. It's all up to you.

Glasses are a great tool, whether wearing them for better eyesight or impressing others with an impression of brilliance. They are useful even when they're not.
answered Aug 3 by Rob Warner

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